I’m still waiting for my fridge components to arrive so that’s still on hold.

The toilet project is done.

The courtyard gates I’m still not happy with . I need to get that sunroof opened so I can restain the gates. Still waiting on the electrician. 

So I’m up to my 6th project.

These two packs paint are a pain. Yes they look nice and glossy when they are new . When they are scratched or damaged they look awful.

I’ve bought some natural weave sheets to fix it or rather hide the damage.

Roughly costed me around $30-$32.
My plan is to stick these sheets on to the door. But at different widths vertically . I can kind of see it in my mind. Not sure how it will turn out.

So it will end up looking like a wall art. I hope I have enough for the length of the cupboard. If not I’ll have to head back to the city one day to buy more . They are roughly $4.50 a sheet. I bought 6 sheets, A4 size.