1/ got the mezzanine sorted 

2/ kind of cleaned out my fridge . It was left overs Friday. We ate left overs from Tuesday, Wednesday and yesterday. Whatever was left went into the bin.

All I can think of is the $80 we saved that can go towards eating out tomorrow. I’ve bought some more belly pork to make char siu for Sunday. 

May be if I’m nice to hubby he might take us out to dinner tomorrow. 

3/ added the earrings into the computer. Took me three goes before I could figure out how to do it . Considering I have had no training it was easy enough to do. Just have to create an item, how much it was bought for and how much to retail it for, choose a department for it and whola it calculates the tax etc. I have printed the price tags and gave them to dad to give to mum as I don’t have any idea which one is which. She will have to price her own creations. 

4/ I got up to 8762 steps, IKEA didn’t help . One round of IKEA only contributed to 2000-3000 steps

5/ sent the stockings back 

6/ I’ve volunteered for a one off thing and got accepted. It’s a new experience and well I couldn’t say no. I’ll be on a panel to interview candidates. That’s all I can let on. 

7/ found a date for the ball in August. Have asked an old work mate to drive down with me so I’ve got some company for the long drive. She lives about 15 minutes from me. 

Next on the list:

Need to plan what we are going to do with our exchange student. As she’ll be with us for two weeks I might have to do an itinerary that way we can take her out to go sightseeing on the weekends that we have her. Or at night to go out to eat.

Contact the plumber. His plasterer don’t want our job or something. Haven’t heard from him at all. Might have to get someone else to give us a quote. I feel bad but we are in a hurry to fix up the place. He’s just stuffing around.