I was admiring my owls this morning.

Aren’t they cute? This was from our Japan trip and well one that wasn’t made in China.

I’m over buying souvenirs that just gather dust. 

Now this wall I’m particularly proud of. We saw them in Japan and I fell in love with them. Thus when we renovated I had to have one. The render didn’t cost very much but the shipping did. Next time I go to Japan I’ll buy more and put it in our suitcase 😂

The stalks you see here are rice stalks. I love touching the wall. It gives me a sense of peace . It’s cool and it’s soothing. My own peace wall.

When it first went on I was a bit dubious . It looked very dark. But lightened up once the other walls were painted white.


Breakfast this morning before I tackle my list.

Today’s list:

Work-I’m way behind again.Can’t seem to catch up.


Trip-activities to plan

Hubby’s visa-yes he’s passed the buck to me. Since he dealt with the horrible insurance people I’m okie with it. Hopefully they pay us out this week . We popped in a claim in May!!! Felt like we were getting blood out of stone. 

Problem with visa into Viet Nam is that there are scamming sites. They all looked similar and you have no idea.

That’s why Viet here going back they tend to use Viet agents and do the visas through them.

It’s a hassle though having to go into Footscray to buy the ticket and give them your passport to get the visa done. Then having to go back there to pick it all up .

I just do it online, print it out, attach a photo and send all of it by express registered mail to the consulate in Canberra. 

The safest route to the Viet consulate’s website is to go through our own Australian government’s DFAT website.


One of our clients just got scammed recently. They collected $40 off him and told him his visa will be waiting for him in VN. I know it’s not $40 as it’s more expensive than that and I also know the consulate sends the passport back with the visa attached.