We are here again in Bangkok. I don’t think I like Bangkok very much.

Traffic jams everywhere . We took forever to get to the hotel from the airport . Pretty much stuck for like 15 minutes at one intersection.

Tuk tuk.

Street art. Found this one in Chinatown.

And this . One of the Wats (temple)

I took these two shots pretty close to each other.

A market. See the crossing? It’s a laugh. There are no lights.

You just take a big breath. Wait for a break in traffic and boldly cross as if you’ve done it a million times before . Just have to trust that the drivers all saw you. It’s horrendous . The break in traffic is not that great. You just go. If you see someone go, go with them.

We found a market on the other side of the road.

Lunch. A bowl of noodles each, some dim sum and drinks costed 660 bahts.

They charged 10 baht for water and an extra 2 baht if you want ice on top.

It was tricky crossing this round about. As you can’t see cars coming around the corner.

A street.

We are at the hotel having a rest. I booked a two bedrooms suite this time. The girls have taken the other room and leaving my son on a rollaway in the living room.

They’ve been whinging and whinging all trip that he gets the nicest room or a king bed when they have to share etc so he’s sharing our ensuite with us.

One thing for sure I’ll recommend this hotel. The staff are very friendly and have been trained well.

The luxury doesn’t stop at the rooms. When you go to the lobby to check in there’s a complimentary bar there with snacks and drinks for the family to munch on whilst they wait for you.

There’s even a machine to make hot chocolates.

I’m very glad I booked this place. It’s nice and friendly not like some other hotels.