Cohen place. A square inside Chinatown.

Old stairs.

I was sure they had the stairs here? As every time I saw them I thought it reminded me of the old Jackie Chan movies where they ran down the stairs.

Street art on the way.

Fountain outside the Royal Exhibition Building.

Getting ready for White Night which was held on last weekend.

The back of the Royal Exhibition Building.

Reflection in the museum’s modern facade.

I got to go in as a tour group for $8 plus $4 booking fee 😂 . It’s because my walking tour assignment is of the Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens.

Loved their lights best .

Close up of their murals.

We couldn’t go underneath the dome as they were setting up an exhibit.

The walls are all painted using stencils.

Next stage they will restore is the balcony area around the building so there will be stairs or lifts that will take you there to view the city of Melbourne. Can’t wait.

Street art on the way back.