My friend found out on FB that I was separated so she made plans to catch up to talk.

We went to Chaddie for lunch and I stayed on to find shoes and jewellery to go with my dress.

These are a tad too big but I’ll get away with it. It’s a 36 I’m usually a 35.

I looked a bit silly with these 3 around my neck. Ended up with the two and popped the pearls back.

The black flower symbolises death but also rebirth. How appropriate.

I also found a bracelet to go with both the necklaces.

And no I didn’t pay full price. They were all on sale.

Tomorrow I’ve got to go into the city to hand my phone in and will look for a hand bag. Then my outfit is complete. I love pink .It used to be my favourite colour. Looking at my wardrobe now it’s mostly dreary black.

My feet looked ugly in the shoes. I’d better soften them up with creams. Need to shape my toe nails. Was thinking may be I should get some nail polish and polish them. I’m not a girly girl. Last time I had nail polish on was for my wedding? The time before that was in my teens.

Had a lovely time with my friend. Well she’s actually my friend’s older sister but we get along really well being both Capricorns. Thus kind of adopted her as my friend as well.

Since she’s in the body corporate business she’s advised me to stay away from high rises as they are more trouble than they are worth. Cladding issues , body Corp being a variable amount. The older the building the more problems. Thus to go for a low rise. Guess Mr Boardie will have me as a neighbour after all.

When I explained to her my dilemma of wanting to live in Port Melbourne and needing to be Central for my kids . She’s given me food for thoughts.

If I buy in Port then I can always drive my girl to Southern Cross in the morning for her to catch her train to school. By then (2020) this whole fiasco would have settled and she’ll be okie for year 12. If I wish I can take her to live with me whilst she’s doing year 12.

It means I will have to get a two bedrooms and not a one bedroom so she’s got somewhere to store her stuff and to study. Plus the girls will need a bedroom and my boy can take the sofa.

She’s also told me to try and loan the amount on my commercial property so that it will be tax deductible since I’m renting it out. That way I’ll pay less tax.

Not only that she’s advised me to get my paperwork together and go to the bank and see how much they will loan me now based on the numbers. Then I’ll have a clearer idea of how much I can borrow for later.

Though I think I’ll wait til both houses are sold first before I’ll do that.

Anyhow felt much better after lunch. Guess it’s not so bad. I’ll be alone but I’ll be okie and the freedom to come and go as I pleases without having to worry about this and that. It will be a relief.

By this time next year I won’t know myself. If all goes according to plans.