I remembered the days when I would huddle next to the cassette player to listen to a song and write down the lyrics. It took forever and many rewinds to get it right. Those were the days when the internet was not around, no lyrics websites.

Music have always fascinated me, how does one come up with words and melody to match? Rewind to my high school years, dad being a romantic wanted me to wear my hair long and to play the flute.

Yes, my dad, he is a contradiction. He sent me to an all girls’ school and to Scouts. When mum questioned him, he replied, well she needs to know how to behave around boys?

Long story short I love my flute. It has seen me through sad times as well as happy ones. I don’t play much now, I guess due to time constraints and no mood for it. I only ever play sad songs and it affects me.

I mostly play Vietnamese songs and my favourite composer would have to be Trịnh Công Sơn . One of my favourites to play is Xin Cho Tôi .

Out of all the composers I liked him best as his melody line is always interesting. As for his lyrics, it makes you think and when you do, you appreciate what he’s trying to convey.

Lately with all that is going on I find it rings true. I too wish for peace on earth.

This is my translation to it. I did the translation a few years back, went in to edit it today. Still can’t seem to get it right. My Viet is not too crash hot and my English? well it leaves much to be desired.

I wish (Trinh Cong Son)

I wish for the clouds to shelter life

I wish for skies of happiness

I wish I can journey to the smile

To forget a freshly dug grave

I wish I have wished a thousand times

A part of me..to be carefree

I wish I could be content

I wish for a restful night sleep

I wish for one night without flying shells

I wish for the birds to bring their melodies back to the skies

I wish I was drifting like the clouds

I wish I was out of life itself

Only to wish life back

When the earth and skies are at peace again

So I can rebuild my loves

So I can help bring peace

So I can get through the rugged

To see the blood flow through your heart

So I can feel a mother’s tender touch

So I can hear footsteps of children

So my Motherland can peacefully sleep

And then I can love you

I wish for a body ..whole

So I can hear the whispers of the grass and trees

I wish I can forget a prisoned life

I wish I was momentarily a sip of wine

I wish for a life time

Of one day

Of a child singing in its cot

I wish for…only one day…