The other night at dinner I asked my kids to clear the table and anything left over can be thrown out since it’s been a few days old.

I don’t tend to reheat my food more than once or twice the most. All cooked food in the fridge are thrown out if it is day 3-4.

Upon hearing me hubby responded with a  big no. Saying it’s still okie and he will have it for lunch the next day.

I then tried to convince him that it is old food and he might get food poisoning.

Miss 13 going on 30 saw my frustration and so she intervened.

Mum let him. If he gets sick it’s his problem not yours.

Then she stalled , like she’s in deep thoughts and this was what came out.

If he gets sick and he needs you to care for him then it will be your problem.

I wonder if she realises that’s the reason why I didn’t want him to eat the leftovers because it will be my problem ?