I am guilty of loving with wild abandonment . The flutters, the glances and oh the highs. They lift you up into the clouds. Once there any thoughts are blurred into oblivion.

And then ? plop not a little plop but a big PLOP into the abyss of despair.

Every time it happens I’d swear black and blue no way am I going to let it happen again.

I’d wear my coat of armour. I’d put my heart under lock and key. And yet it catches me out.

One moment of carelessness , complacency and my heart is a goner.

Just reading someone else’s post made me think about my heart. Just checking that it is still under lock and key.

For the last time I loved with wild abandonment I PLOPPED so hard I was going to stay down there forever and never get up.

I’m not at running speed as yet but I’m getting there . Pretty soon enough I’ll be a V8 again.