I love to decorate yet I have no time so our place is always a work in progress .

When we renovated we were first timers and thus things got missed.

Like my laundry, I had two linen cupboards made and then I went to buy my washer and dryer with external doors on them thinking yay it will dampen the noise.

Well it did but it also meant the doors had to be shut for my laundry door to open if not it jams.

In the end out of frustration I got hubby to take off the laundry door.

In its place a set of noren curtains. The curtains are made out of pre-bought panels from kimono house and then sewn together by me .


First I joined them together at the top then followed the stitching line and hemmed all around .

Then I folded the top down enough to thread a thin piece of edging timber through to hang them.

And whola problem solved. I love my norens. They are great for small spaces to hide mess with not too much concern for privacy.