My son this morning. Mum your toast is ready. It’s getting cold.

Did you know that the reason we have toast is because the English can’t spread butter on their bread?

???? He’s 18 and that’s all he stores in his head, trivial stuff .

No doubt that he’s intelligent since they did an IQ test when he was 5 to find he had one of a grade 6 kid despite being speech delayed.

We wasted so much money on him and now we can’t shut him up.

All that ever comes out of him is trivial stuff or his favourites, lame jokes.

And once he starts he doesn’t stop. I’m forever telling him please stop no more can’t take it anymore.

He thinks it’s funny. He’d fire one after the other , sometimes we’d get 10 in a row.

Did you hear about the kidnapping at the school? no ? the kid woke up..

That’s the kind of joke we are subjected to.

I should be grateful for he can talk and is doing okie in English. As for his trivia knowledge the joke is on me.

When he was little due to his speech delay he didn’t like to read.

So I then had to find something that would interest him. To hook him into reading . Trivia was it. He loved finding out about stuff .

like a certain insect dies after copulating. I could still remember him coming to me when he was 6 or 7 years old laughing his head off telling me about it. Mum did you know ..

Even now he doesn’t read proper novels. He only reads Manga.

I’ve always wondered how he’d turn out as I worry about him more than my girls. Out of the three of them he’s a replica of me.

Here is hoping some girl likes my weird and wonderful boy .