How hard is it to get a mob in to remove our glass so the window people can come in to install our window ?

It was a nightmare . Googled and must have phoned 5-6 mobs last Friday , about 3 replied .

One said oh you’re on the first floor we will have to send 2 guys out and you’d need a measure and quote. We can’t do it until next Tuesday.

One was happy to come out right there and then ..never saw the quote.

Third mob said they’ll pop by Monday. He was very accommodating saying it will be removed on Wednesday.

So Monday came and went. Phoned them to check that it will be removed on Wednesday to find nope they are booked out Wednesday and Thursday.

I was like what? He assured me it will be out before the window come on Thursday?

So after she went to talk to him they came back to say we will do it for you tomorrow morning (Tuesday) around 8-830am which was this morning.

All done and dusted. In the end it was a family business that came to our rescue.

Have paid the final instalment for our window and have also given the window people the glass mob details .

Trying to marry them up so that next time someone wants glass removed they don’t have to go through what I went through.