That’s our daughter. She’s so scattered that some days I’m thinking may be it’s my fault. May be I’ve passed on some of my scattered brains to her.

This morning she got up real early to drive her friends down to the beach house.

And since she’s only got a hatchback she decided to borrow her dad’s car.

645am I went down stairs to find her car blocking mine and of course no keys in sight.

I was like WTF. I had to be at work by 730am and I can’t catch public transport to get there. I needed my car.

First thing that went through my mind was yes she’s done it again like many times before.

Taking both sets of keys with her. It just so happens that her dad set had her spare  car key.

Hubby was like ring her? So I did knowing very well what had happened . You can say I know my kids too well.

Could hear her at the other end thinking out loud. Oh no it’s in my bag. Where is your bag? At the back of the car? Sorry mum.

From my calculations she’d have been very close to her destination which means about 100km away from us.

Which means there’s no way she’s turning back in peak traffic to give us the other set of keys.

Thank goodness her car was only partially blocking mine and hubby could squeeze it out.

Thank goodness for our foresight in having a cantilevered carport with only 3 posts leaving that corner free for emergencies such as this.

What do you do with a scattered brains? Nothing, for no amount of telling her off would achieve anything.

Guess the only way is to hide the spare key and not attach it to any set of keys.