I’m actually looking forward to my birthday this year. Every year I dread it for it means I’m a year older and like the lyrics to Happy Christmas ..and what have we done ? another year over..

That’s what I’ve felt every year. Another year older and what have I accomplished ?

This year I’ve kind of accept it. Yes I’m getting more greys. Yes my skin is not as taut. Yes I’m more forgetful . Yes my eyesight is getting worse. And the biggest YES of all is I’m still alive and kicking goals. I’ve got a roof over my head food on my table .My family is all well including my parents.

As for my accomplishments this year well it’s not much but it will do.

1/ learn not to be too attached or emotional to work as it can have dire consequences.

2/ things are not as they seem due to red tape and what not.

3/ family may be from the same blood but they might not be from the same thinking ..so let it be.

4/ I can still swim when chucked in the deep end . Proud of that.

As for physical accomplishments they are irrelevant in the scheme of things . They are only there to show us what we are capable of so that we can grow.
Wish I had known this years ago. It would have made all my Christmases a happier affair.