Came home to find the rubbish gone. Woke up from my nap to find most of the dishes washed. Sinks emptied though there were two cups still on the dining table not cleared altogether it’s an improvement from this morning.

Wonders if hubby have had words with our oldest? Views from 10th floor this morning from my volunteering morning tea looking down on to Melbourne.
Views of one of our new trams , Parliament House at the end and St Patrick’s Cathedral rising up behind it.

After the morning tea I went for a walk in the park with my walking buddy and learnt some history as we walked.

I was wondering who this was ? It took awhile to find the inscription. He was King George the 5th . He became king when his brother died of influenza. He ended up marrying his brother’s fiancé .

I was chuckling to my buddy saying that not only did he ended up inheriting the throne but also the fiancé.