I left the house to go Christmas shopping today and well was a bit annoyed that someone blocked our laneway again and I couldn’t get my car out.

I knew it was from next door. Thought to myself okie it must be one of their customers parking to load their tiles on like usual . Understandable as tiles are heavy. 

On closer inspection I thought oh dear they must have p..someone off as they’ve been reported. There was a ticket on their windscreen.

So I entered the back of the shop and yelled out hello.

And what did I see? The owner and her lady friend was sitting down having a great chin wagging.

When I asked her to move the car she was obliging enough. When I told her she’s got a ticket she was like I’ve only been a few minutes? 

Umm it couldn’t have been a few minutes if someone phoned the council and for the parking inspector to come out to slap a ticket on?

The owner implied there’s nothing wrong with parking there ? 

They had no idea the people they inconvenienced. 

I’ve had their delivery trucks parked in the laneway stopping me from going to work one day and they didn’t give a hoot.

Part of me felt sorry for her for getting a fine so close to Christmas. 

Part of me is glad as it will show the owner that it’s not okie to block people’s access to the lane.

I’m a meanie 👹