Came home to find no dinner has been organised.

Asked the kids to dry the ones on the rack  and wash the dishes.

Also had a go at the two older ones. Told them off for not having the initiative to plan and cook dinner when both of us are at work.

They’ve finished exams and all they do is lounge around all day or go out. Nothing get done.

Went to have a shower, came out to find my son drying the dishes. The youngest chopping up tomatoes. Asked her to slice up the garlic as well.

Couldn’t see the oldest anywhere . Apparently she’s gone to the supermarket to grab eggs .

Have left the preparation of dinner to the three of them.

They need to learn to be more giving. I do not wish to bring my kids up to be selfish brats.

Dinner tonight :

Pan fried pork mince left overs from Monday night.

Lettuce and cucumber slices.

Scrambled eggs with tomatoes and garlic.