Today is one of those dreary day. The sun is nowhere to be found . It’s grey as grey can be.

To add to that my kitchen is filthy. My son mopped the other day. The sinks are

full of dishes and I refuse to touch them.

Asked the kids to wash up last night . They are still there today . So have passed the buck to hubby.

He’s to ask the oldest to wash.

I’m having my instant and toast then will start the washing . Towels day today.

After that will pop into the business to do a few hours before going into the hospital.

December for us is the busiest month out of the whole year.

Everyone would have reached their safety net and comes in for stock up before it reverts back to normal pricing in the new year .

The government is strict on that they allow a stock up every 21 days, ie 20 clear days .

It doesn’t work for nursing home clients as they tend to owe scripts and by the time we get them it’s a few months later.

So then it reverts to normal pricing for items put through more frequent than the 20 days rule. We are always playing catch up.

Just watching his expression makes me want to smile. He always cheer me up 😊