There was a time when I wanted to hold cooking classes. The problem is where? and how? I didn’t have a clue.

Problem is finding a place to hold it . I got the quote from the local Neighbourhood Centre at $40 an hour so 3 hours $120.

Which means I had to add it on to my ingredients and my time. Which means my lessons will cost more than anticipated.

Then there was the how to bit . How to structure the lesson?  What do I need?

Rewinding the tape, we went to Seoul 3 years ago and I loved Korean food so I attended a cooking class there just to see how it was structured.

First it was a demonstration and then you had to do exactly what the instructor told you to do. Following the recipe .

Came home no idea where I’ve popped the recipe .

3 years on and have not taken any steps forward. Though I do have a venue now. My hidey hole. No need to pay rent.

Plus have gone to the council. Being a cooking class it doesn’t fall under the need for a food permit as it’s not catering.

The hard bit is to translate my recipes into single serves 😊

For now I’m happy to just let this year past me by . Will investigate more next year .

My hidey hole is perfect for a cooking class . There’s no one around , freedom to cook eat and make merry.

I’m thinking bring your own alcohol, I’ll show you how to cook and we can all eat and drink together .

As for payment , just pay for the food and I’m happy.

If hubby knows he’ll shake his head and tell me off again . How do you expect to make any money? hehhehe I don’t think he understands. It’s for the fun of it and I’m happy if I get paid for my time .

One time I shared with him my version of a nice cafe. Somewhere quiet to sit sip on my coffee . Where everyone knows each other .

His reply was how do you intend to make money if your cafe is quiet?

Not dying to get rich or anything like that? Guess I’d better stick to my day job 😂

These two photos are from the cooking class I attended. Everyone had their own individual bench. With ingredients all measured out ready to go. 

The bottom photos are of a temple near Daegu (South Korea) . It holds the wooden scriptures. We had a lot of trouble getting there . First got to the wrong bus depot. I didn’t read the guide properly. Had to catch the taxi to the right bus depot as it was like lunch .

Got on the right bus eventually , got there in the rain.

But as you can see the views were worth it.

Temple in the clouds.