Was decluttering today and as usual I listed stuff on the notice board. Thinking well it’s better off being with people that needs it then taking up space at home.
Since Christmas was coming I listed the kids board games. They’ve outgrown them and it might make other kids happy.

I rarely sell anything. One popped her hand for 3 games. She collected . Then the next person didn’t get back to me so I offered it to another. She said she’ll popped around later after her baby have had a nap. So I said okie.

Anyhow she couldn’t find the house and by then I’ve packaged it up left it at the front door and off we drove home.

In the end I asked her if she could come back? or else it meant that I had to retrieve it back and well we are not back at the hidey hole for 2 weeks.

Her reply was she’s gone out of her way once and with young ones she can’t come back.

I reply it’s okie I’ll retrieve it . But inside me I was upset. For one it was the fact she wrote she went out of her way. Did she want the item? Yes or No?

Now I have to either contact the neighbour to retrieve it in before the rain . Or the alternative was to make another drive down early tomorrow morning to retrieve it as others had wanted it.

Some days I wonder why I bother ? You have this nice idea and it backfires. I tend to believe in the goodness of people.

Today I just couldn’t get past it. Am I a bad person for couldn’t get past it ?

I need to be more understanding ? Is that it? Is it just a lesson to teach me to be more understanding? May be that’s it.