I was booked to come in early today. Not 730am but 830am. Which is actually a pain.

It means it doesn’t matter if I leave an hour before hand I’m still stuck in traffic.

Today I thought I’d leave early so got up like for my usual 730am shift. Left just before 7am to drive to a cafe on route to the hospital to have breakkie .

On second thought I got take away instead. A mediterranean focaccia and a latte . Then off to the petrol station to fill up and to grab the papers and a donut.

It’s 745am when I finally pulled into my park.

This is the streetscape near the hospital. I see them on my way to work. 

My breakkie and lunch as there’s nothing to eat at the hospital. Being private they don’t have their own cafeteria and only a small cafe run by Hudsons. 
Having breakkie to this view.