Today I have to visit my gum guy. It hurts bad but then what does one do with receding gums? Bad genes from my dad plus I love sweets. Not the lollies kind but more like cakes , ice cream , donuts, pastries and Asian sweet soups. The sweeter the better.
I’ve been naughty , been so busy haven’t had time to go to the dentist . He’s not going to be very happy with me. As I’m supposed to make an appointment and see both of them every 4 months alternating .

It’s been 8 months. How time flies. I feel like a naughty school kid.

Tonight I’m going to the vollies Christmas party . Wasn’t going to go, don’t feel right as haven’t been volunteering as much but saw my coordinator at the morning tea and he asked me have you RSVP as yet?

Ummmm why do I feel so bad? Ashamed of myself so have RSVP that I’d come. Guess can wear my new black dress that’s one good thing . I don’t like big gatherings tend to prefer small groups.

Anyhow I’d better head off to get some work done before the business opens

Marty thought of you when I took this photo. Life in Australia, we love our vegemite 🙂 I have mine on toast. Yummy toast slathered in butter and just a tiny bit of vegemite on it for taste. It is quite salty otherwise.