To my despair after pressing the button on a few times the engine wouldn’t start . 

I was like what the? It’s started that many a times before so it’s not like I can’t start my daughter’s car?

I needed to reverse her car so I can get my car out . And I needed to leave quite quickly to miss the peak hour rush. 

So off I went upstairs to ask hubby for help. Mind you this was like around 515am.

He came down and what happened ? It started on the first go.

Apparently you have to have your foot on the brakes when you start the car? 

Ummmm at 515am in the morning I wasn’t quite with it. Wasn’t going to drive down today but I thought what the heck?

Spent all day at the business yesterday trying to catch up so I could go today. The plan was to drive down last night didn’t get around to it so this morning it had to be.

Forecasted to be sunny and 30C . I’m pottering around the house at the moment trying to get it ready for Saturday .

My sister is holding the family’s Christmas on Saturday . I’ve offered to  bring the grog. I didn’t want to cook this year .

Then we will drive down to my hidey hole til after the New Year . We will celebrate the New Year here as we’ve got views to the fireworks from the upper deck.

Last year there was no fireworks due to the bushfires. 

Have had my breakkie (Maccas) and a coffee from a local place. Have read my stars and comics. Now off to clean the house waiting for it to warm up a bit to go walkies.

After walkies I’ll head into town to the Mills Markets to look for furniture and little bits and pieces. They sell all sorts there. I want to look for apothecary pieces like old pill bottles etc to display at the business.

$1.50 for the papers to read my stars and comics. He’s quite good at predictions this guy.