These spell checks will be the death of me.

After sorting out the rental I went to Vic market for lunch. Had a chilli kransky in a roll with onion and sauce.

Then whilst there I browsed the stalls and thought might as well get a few things for a platter for a staff Christmas party this afternoon.

My stash was getting heavy or else I’d have bought more. My eyes were like this 😍😍😍😍😍

Some Australian Brie from King Island to go with the salmon. Wonders what the roaring 40s blue would taste like? 

Trying out South African style meat and fish and sweet potato chips 

then onto the Frenchie stall..I settled for some duck pate..
After that found a Greek one for some figs with mascarpone. Have tried a little they are rich as. I think I over did it with 5.

Forgot to take photos of the cake stall that was where I bought the almond bread and sweets. The sweets were passionfruit pastry, NYC cheesecake , french vanilla slice , 2 Italian with custard  and a chocolate mud cake.

The cherries were quite reasonable $12 per kilo. I bought 1kg and strawberries and grapes. 
It was near the end of the day. I left around 2pm. People were starting to pack up.

Was thinking on the way out that I should do groceries here more often. Imagine all the yummy food I can create?