Today I’ve got my work set out for me. I’m to go grab the keys and alarm code from the agent to do the final inspection so they can return the bond.

I’ve been googling and consumer Victoria have got all the forms required to go down that road if we are to self manage our rental.

Then there’s the option of doing airbnb too . It sounds like lots of hard work but would be fun to do.

Our property is not residential but in a mixed zone which means anything goes.

It is also quite close to trams and trains and have a Plaza across the road. Plus a 15 minutes tram trip and you’re in the city.

The thing is short term rentals you do get the wear and tear to the building. People don’t look after your place as well as if they are there long term.

The third option is to move our oldest there and she can share house with her uni friends. She’s very messy and is driving me nuts at home.

Anyhow one step at a time. If all fails we’d need to enlist another agent. A reputable one. Our last one was a reputable one their property manager wasn’t a good one so there goes.

I love roof tops.