I’m in the process of tidying up my blog. Quite monotonous but has to be done. It is as chaotic as me with multiple categories and doubling up of posts. My recipes will be named appropriately rather by random titles that way it will help me see which one I have posted and which ones I haven’t.

I am not that orderly when it comes to paperwork and well this blog is beyond me. I hate filing.

The other thing is for now every time I blog it will have to be via my laptop as my iPhone died this afternoon. It got too hot. 2016 have not been a good year. On the bright side only 8 more days to go til 2017.


We Aussies are quite backward over here . Due to the fact that we live down under Christmas falls in Summer. I baked this a few years back. It was a 12 eggs pavlova. Took me forever to beat all the eggs and the cream to go on top. It took 5 punnets of strawberries to dress it. And guess what? It all went at the Christmas lunch. Not a single slice left. PS. this is my favourite to bake. My specialty.