He still addresses me as Dew. I’ve known him since 1999. He’s softly spoken. Plays the guitar and sang as he spoke, softly.

Haven’t heard from him for awhile as we kind of drift in and out of each other’s life.

We’d meet up every few years in Sydney when I go for seminars or here in Melbourne when he visits his sons.

I think the last time we met was last year? Or the year before last? Can’t remember.

Today I went into an old email account for no reason other then to delete junk mail and to check if I had any new mail.

I do a check every few months just in case. Found one from him.

There was a time when all we did was fight. We fought like cats and dogs. Guess we’ve mellowed with age. Passion have turned into friendship . It has waned with time.

He has no hold on me now as I have none on him.

One time he sent me a photo from Japan taken next to a cherry blossom tree. He asked me how did he look?

I replied you looked like a blushing geisha hiding behind the tree. He was upset at me for that comment hehehe.

Served him right for having a big head.

Memories . In the end there’s only memories.