I’m in a state of oh well. Went to Apple yesterday and they replaced me with a new phone. Mine was still under warranty. 

It was quite a good experience being Christmas Eve they popped on extra staff and since I was there around 3pm it was a 15 minutes wait and I was in. And that was without an appointment.

The only thing is I’ve lost everything. All my contacts and all my photos.

Not fussed with contacts as my friends will find me if they really want to connect .A bit miffed about my photos and notes as they were for my recipes folder . 

Oh well just show nothing lasts forever. 

Christmas brunch. We made it down to the hidey hole with food supplies for today.

This is a quickie. Everything can be bought . I do tend to make my own fish dipping sauce though . 

What you do is make a concentrated lemonade then add in the fish sauce, minced garlic and chilli.

I find it easier that way to get the balance right rather than try to balance all 3 at once .