Spent all day supervising the clean up. The place is looking much better. Everything in order as it is supposed to be. Except no dinner as yet.

Our apartment is only 150m2 and it houses 5 of us. I don’t keep much clutter as I’m a klutz . Our furnitures are all round edged, no glass and no arch. 

Even then I still manage to hurt myself. Have slipped down steps as it’s split levels. 

Looking down to my living area now..

My kitchen , WC, ensuite , 2 bedrooms and courtyard. 

Corridor to the front part which had the old stairs , bathroom, bedroom and living room pre transformation.

The front part now house two bedrooms, a study, a bathroom , a laundry and a mezzanine. 
It took us a year to renovate. It is our forever home now. 

The deck where we entertain when it is nice and warm as it’s not weatherproof 

The bedrooms all IKEA size enough for a BIR , bedside and double except for ours a Queen and bedsides. 

My elusive gold kitchen and pantry. 

Our living area. 

The study, the kids’ domain. 

The courtyard joining the adult area to the kids’ area. 
The plans of the apartment. The front bedrooms faces the road and the back deck faces the laneway also doubles as our carport. It’s cantilevered so we could park 3 cars with no problems . 
Our renovation was our architect’s first major project. I’m glad we had him as he saw what I wanted for this place . To transform a dark dingy place into a home that’s light filled and airy.