First stop the hardware store for a sausage . It’s the Aussie thing to do on the weekend. Wander through and grab one on the way out. For $2.50 it’s a cheap lunch. Water bottle is my own . I always have one with me in my back pack.

It’s a great institution as community groups would hold these sausage sizzles to fundraise. So not only is it cheap you’re helping out a great cause. 

Then it was off to my favourite nursery to have a look at a kaffir lime tree. Didn’t buy any as it was $50 a pop roughly and well they looked big. 

Was a bit disappointed as it looked like they had a new buyer. Not the usual stuff that they used to stock.

After the disappointment I went to Kyo. A place opened to the public only on the weekend. Always love going through there as you’ll never know what you’d find.

Very proud of myself. Apart from the sausage bought a measuring tape , batteries for remote for fan and a clip so I could fix my son’s guitar bag. The cheapo plastic clip broke.