Ready for the day. I need my hit every morning or else I don’t function very well.

I gave it up for 2-3 years? But then decided what the heck . Life is too short to be devoid of a decent cup of coffee.

So took a walk this morning to grab my hit.

Today we are off spa shopping. It’s hubby’s treat.

We used to have one at our Mc Mansion only to sell it when we downsize. There’s no room on the deck at the apartment even though the builder made sure it was strong enough to hold just in case.
In the end we decided we would have one down here at my hidey hole. 

Hubby did the deck two Christmases ago and only got around to oiling it just before Christmas thus too late to order one. Hopefully it will be here before the Summer ends so we can make good use of it.
Last night he went out to measure the deck because he deemed me incapable of measuring what he wanted to measure.

I did it as a ploy as he was too busy watching those Kungfu series with dubbing😂

My hit..Latte with one sugar 

The view from the back corner. 

The spa that we are interested in as the area is tiny. Mostly for him and the kids as I’m not a fan .

He used to take the kids in when they were little.

I was never too sure of the water quality after that as one time he jumped out pretty fast when he discovered floaties in the spa 😂