Didn’t realise my pen leaked until I was near the end of my shift . Not too busy just messy today. I was over time again.

Have since had a breather now I’m off to do groceries . Dinner is sorted as my dad kindly brought over food on Tuesday.

It’s jellied meat. Pork hock cooked with dried black fungus in a soup then pop into the fridge to jelly up. 

My dad varies in that he used chicken in it as well 4 parts to 1 or something. The gelatine bit comes from the rind/chicken skin.

You’d make it like a soup. Just enough water to cover the meat. Once the meat is tender it is ready. Then just fish sauce, sugar, pepper to taste. 

The black bowl has home made pickles. 

This is traditional Viet New Year food for the Northerners. Since it’s miserable and cold during the New Year period it’s really nice to eat with rice .

The hot rice melts the jelly and it becomes swimming rice. Rice in soup. 

Hubby used to look at it and ask me how can you eat jellied cold meat? He’s a Southerner. 

After 27 years I think I’ve converted him. He loves it now and asks for it. 

Since dad makes it I have never had to make any😊.