It’s stinking hot 32C so wasn’t going to go do groceries . Thought we might as well have dad’s jellied meat and pickles for dinner until hubby said he wanted to eat it for lunch.

So then I thought well can get the kids to run down the road to get the BBQ chicken and chips and I’ll go groceries and get the vegies and make the Tatziki sauce. 

Went groceries shopping and ummm got distracted and ended with this lot 😂

Rice rolls with pork loaf and fancy roast pork and BBQ pork.

All I needed to do was :

Slice up the pork loaf, cucumber . 

Chop the Viet mint. 

Blanch the bean shoots using boiling water from the kettle.

Make the fish dipping sauce .

Microwave the rolls when ready to eat.

If you want fancy traditional then need to slice up some brown onion and fry them until they are nice and brown all over for garnish .

Me? I can’t be bothered .