Found my bed head. Went to lunch after work then off to the furniture stores to have a look around . There was zilch. Well there was one but I wasn’t sure of the colour . 

Yes little Miss Vy is great at giving advice until it comes to her own place 😂 how’s that for “not fair” It’s so easy to figure out others yet not mine . 

I kind of gave up and went for walkies around the centre. No clothes to buy. Nothing catches my eyes.

Not even these excited me and I love kitchen utensils . 

Then I hopped in the car thinking I’ll take the long way home and just park across the road to do a quick look at their bed heads . At $800 a pop I wasn’t keen until I saw this one. My eyes kind of popped 😍😍😍😍😍.

At $329 and Australian made it’s a bargain. And I love bargains.

Must be my lucky day as it fitted in the car, just. The legs are a bit damaged but I’m happy overall . No one will see. Plus I’m thinking of getting hubby to remove them and bracket it to the wall anyway . 

All good there. 

I think it will go marvellously with my sexy red ensuite ? 

And my boring brown blinds 😂