Hubby woke me up this morning. He’s still got the runs though he thinks he feels better. 

I’m about to have breakkie . Took the kids groceries shopping last night. It’s really nice at night. Heaps of parking , no crowds . A peaceful experience .

I was feeling cabin sickness since it’s so hot and stuck at home all day I feel trapped.

We didn’t buy much as only the supermarket was opened so just essentials like milk, raisin bread , yoghurt ice cream etc . 

Plans for today:

Off into the business to work a few hours. Then I need to go home and get changed into my vollies uniform. 

I’ve got a return shift today. Have to pick the client up from the platform . Then take him/her by public transport to the medical clinic and wait for the doctor. Once done I’ll pop them back on the train to go back to which ever regional centre they came from.

 Usually depends on the doctor but hopefully I’ll be finished around 2pm. Shifts can be up to 4-5 hours long . If it’s only half an hour wait at the doctors then about 2-3 hours and it’s done . When it’s to do with the eyes it can drag out as they tend to go for multiple tests. One test then wait then the next test. 

Our clients are pretty independent. They need us as after procedures sometimes they have a patch over their eye and can’t navigate with the drops making their eye blurry. 

Or because they don’t know English or because they can’t navigate the trams to get where they want to go. 

It’s an easy one today. The clinic is only about 15 minutes tram ride and no need to change trams.

 I’ve only been putting my hand up for easy shifts as no confidence. I used to do it regularly ie 1-2 shifts a week. Now it’s like 1 shift every few weeks or a month so hesitant as it can get very difficult if they are deaf and blind.

 I can handle vision impaired because they can still hear you. It’s when they are both deaf and blind that it gets really hard. I don’t know Auslan at all which is the Aussie version of sign language. 

I know it gets better with practice but I’m not confident enough. 

It’s only 27C today some reprieve after the hot spell. 

Hoping to pop my bed head down to my hidey hole tonight but with hubby being sick not sure if he’ll go with me.

I might have to ask my son to come with me to help me lift it. 

I need to bring some sleeping bags home too since both my son and oldest wants to go clamming with their cousin. 

Thoughts for today. It’s not as hot as yesterday thank goodness.