Of my wandering today, mostly my favourite street Collins St . I caught the early train today so got in roughly ten to nine. From the station I walked to The Emporium bumped into my youngest and my niece. Gave her some money for their outing.

Then ordered a bowl of laksa for brunch. Once my tummy was happy off I went wandering .

Gave myself an hour to walk down Collins St to Southern Cross Station.

From Elizabeth St the streets are named after the royals. 

Spencer, King William , Queen Elizabeth .

Elizabeth St then Queen St then William and so on.

Collins is my favourite as it’s probably got the most beautiful buildings around.

I just love architecture especially Gothic ones . 

Map of the station 

Trying to work out which platform to pick up my client 

My favourite hotel The Intercontinental . It’s the prettiest hotel in Melbourne.

The Old Fleet building .

Trainee traffic policemen learning how to direct traffic.

My favourite building the ANZ building . The public can go in and marvel at their beautiful ceilings. I didn’t have time today.
They’ve recently redid this building . It was all under scaffolding just a year or two ago. 

It’s amazing what you see when you look up. That’s the bridge I sit to have my yoghurt and watch the world go by. 

Walking down Elizabeth St 

Our old GPO building now with a cafe and home of H&M .

An old toilet block probably same era as the old subway.

a beautiful old building and some silly person put in an AC unit in the window . I get so annoyed whenever I see it. It’s like where’s the aesthetics ?

Free zone tram on my way to Collins St 
Street vendor