Today’s list of things to do:

1/ Go to the rental to have a look at the carpet again. 

2/ Go to the bank to sort out my account. 

3/ Apply for a working with children check for volunteering since silly me forgot to renew. At least it’s all online then to the post office to have my photo taken. 

4/ Sit down with the kids and sort out their school books . New school year starts 31/1 or 1/2 depending what year they are in. Running late again as the book company sends them out late if we are late ordering.

5/ Go with the kids to buy school shoes.

6/ Work at the business as I am behind again with my dispensing.

7/ Phone tutoring and ask how much so I can go to them with a cheque. They won’t accept cards over the phone.

8/ Sort out application for rental 

These are the most dire strait stuff that needs to be done. 

Still got to think about the Lunar New Year. Feeling like I should just ditch it this year lol .

We are off to the hidey hole tomorrow til Tuesday. 

Now how to squeeze it all in. Having breakkie at the moment (728am) then I’ll go in to the business to work for a few hours.

Then off to the rental, run errands as the kids don’t get up til midday the earliest. Plus the shops are open til 9pm tonight being Friday.

I’m thankful I’m only working for another few weeks. On a brighter note hopped on the scale to find I’m still sitting on 50kg. I haven’t gained any with Christmas and the New Year. 

Got two more kilos to go and I’m done. My goal is to go down to 48kg. That way less stress on my legs.