We didn’t know if it’s Wang or Wong as on the building it’s Wang 😂 . It’s right at the tram stop so very convenient . Not bad for a cheap place. 

Driving clothes shorts and thongs . Bruise was from cutting corners 😂 This V8 is a clumsy klutz. 

All packed ready to go . My clothes bucket , back pack , laptop and drink bottle.

It’s now 812pm won’t get there til probably 10pm . Got half a tank of petrol so should see me to my hidey hole.

Hubby’s taken his car as well since our son is learning to drive. It’s 120 hours of practising before they can go for their licence over here. He’s only up to 20-30 hours.

Either that or he’ll have to wait til 21 to go for his licence without the 120 hours compulsory practice.