After brunch I asked my son to hook up the PS2 and practised my singing 😂

Guess I’m not too good despite knowing the song well.

After awhile hubby came up. He was frustrated as he didn’t know the songs well so in the end we are the proud owners of a karaoke microphone bought on the internet. 

Then off we went to the beach for a walk. It’s chockers today despite the cooler weather. There were cars parked all the way up the dirt roads.

When we got closer it turned out there was a competition going on. Surf life saving competition from all over Victoria.

From the look of things most have packed up to go except this mob.

Luckily we walked late or else we’d have to weave our way around the crowds.

The organisers going out first to supervise the young surf life savers.

Fruit for dessert, watermelon from home and pineapple from this morning.
Hubby’s Spam ham pasta (garlic, spam, pasta sauce ). 

I managed to rummage some frozen packet vegies to have with the pasta. 

Pantry and freezer meal since we haven’t done groceries. 

Dinner done and dusted .

Tomorrow we are going to have yummy grilled salmon with rice.

NB. Was very tempted to use Dogging as a title but didn’t want my stats to go haywire 😂