I took off to Geelong just to get out of the house .Was bored stiff. Didn’t feel like going to the beach today. 

Parked in Westfield, cheapest park around as only $1 per hour for first few hours. 

The view from the car park. Wouldn’t mind this view all the time. Must be the best looking car park around. 

Then I took off to the camera store. Wanted to have a look at the XT1 they only had the XT2 so then the guy was trying to sell me a second hand one to which I declined.

After that I crossed the road to go to the Asian groceries . They are the only one that I know of in Geelong not sure where the other ones are.

I was very surprised as it looked like they’ve done a Reno and have now doubled in size . Considering I only left work in September that was a quick Reno? 

Found some Pandan flavouring . I’ve been looking around for them to no avail.

My purchase from the Asian groceries place and Coles supermarket (beans and tomatoes )

Making papaya salad tonight. I only make it if I can source the shredded papaya . It’s a pain otherwise . This cook is a lazy one . I cheat whenever I can.

After sorting out the groceries I was going to go home . Nearly got to the parking machine when I remembered there’s an Art shop near by. Kept on forgetting to bring my pad down so detoured to buy my drawing materials.

An afternoon well spent me thinks.