Giving my bushes a trim today 😂 they need a hair cut. Well they are not really ours as they are on common land.

But since the land is right in front of our place we kind of claimed it anyway.

Every now and then it needs a bit of tidying up. I don’t mind as it keeps me busy. 

Hubby cleared the corner bit yesterday. It’s ready for our spa now when it comes in 4 weeks time.

The neighbour’s tree looking bare now. It’s a flowering gum.

Views from where the spa is going to go. We can kind of see the Barwon river. 

It’s not even 9am and it’s already hot. Thank goodness they’ve rejigged the temperature for today. 

Was supposed to be 38-39C it’s not only 30C max. I don’t do too well in the heat . I kind of wilt .