I always dread driving back home . Especially after lunch when I tend to fall asleep.

Today I struggled. Micro slept quite a few times. I didn’t think I was going to make it home alive .

We stopped for petrol then KFC then at the petrol station in Werribee for a toilet break and ice cream. 

It was the second leg of the trip that got to me. I knew I wasn’t all there as kept on crossing the line. Only when I entered the tunnel did I wake up. It was because I took a drink from my drink bottle.

Very tired from the concentrating as I knew I was slipping and thus I concentrated even harder to not crash into the car in front. 

All I thought of was if I did go it would have been okie . But not my daughter she’s only 13 . She wanted to go with her dad to get home early then changed her mind as my car is more comfy with twin AC. 

Next time I’ll drive home later that’s for sure. Better to be late than never get there.

When the over head cupboard fell it dented the linen cupboard opposite. 

I’ve just figured out how to fix it. Since the house theme is Japanese I’m going to modpodge it with Japanese paper. Worse comes to worse we can always replace the door later on down the track. 

Our cupboard fell off . Have waited for hubby for that long I think I’m going to go find my tape and that plaster thingy to fix it.