So good . I can just go on forever. Funny how the things that you’re not supposed to be doing is the most tempting .

Been scratching the hell out of my legs and arm. Silly me went out to do the gardening yesterday morning and didn’t use any insect repellents. Not only that because it was hot I only had a tshirt and shorts on so got attacked doubly.

Had bites on my forehead on my back where they’d got in as well itching everywhere. 

It’s mossies season down there at the hidey hole. The blood suckers are massive and despite the council spraying this year has been the worse due to the rains we’ve been having .

My poor legs. Should really be putting creams on and take an antihistamine but scratching is more satisfying . 

Breakkie . Back to normal toast and an instant . Thank goodness for the sultana bread I bought the other day. 

Asked the kids if we’ve got bread. My youngest yes mummy we only just bought it . It’s not the type you like though . She meant they bought the one with grains . I like my bread nice and soft and WHITE. 😩 

How did I give birth to two health freaks? My pantry is full of grains and nuts. We are not birds ? 😩