We’ve only ever had two gold fish all these years. Well we started with a few but we never replaced them when they died. 

Then recently one died due to old age so I got two more. Wanted to get 3 so it’s an even number but the pet store didn’t have the ones I wanted. Apparently the guy said you have to get them the same size. 

It didn’t last long as another one went kaput. Understandably as it’s old .

The two original ones have been with us since we moved in so 4-5 years now. 

As for the two new ones ummm this morning I couldn’t find one. Only saw one swimming around . Hopefully it hasn’t bellied up. 
I’m going to top up the water today and give my dad some of the plants that’s in there . I think the fish get tangled in the stems. It’s too crowded for even two fish. 

The flowers are blooming this year. Last year I only had one. This year they are massive and there are three. 

Might have to get hubby to take the pump out. Originally it’s to pump the water back up so it can come down the rain chain . But it splashes too much so we just left it turned off. 

I’ve taken the plants out replaced 1/3 of the water with clean water. Feeding the fish now. Still only one? Where is the other one? None of the kids have taken it out? Have to go ask hubby.

I can’t take the pump out as it’s attached to the barrel.

It’s a wonder that the fish is still alive as the massive roots system that’s over taken the barrel nowhere for them to swim. 

I’ll pop 1-2 back after I’ve trimmed the roots to provide the fish some shade.