Took my daughter to my parent’s place. Everything was out ready to wrap except for the frames. Found dad busy in his workshop knocking out more frames for the cakes.

Soaked glutinous rice , processed mung beans that’s been soaked and steamed and belly pork marinated in salt and pepper.

The banana leaves are used sparingly to give the cakes the green colouring. Otherwise the foil is there to hold it all together .

To wrap it’s a piece of foil flat on the table. Then the frame on the foil.

The frame is there to square the cakes. The professional cake makers don’t use frames. They can make them without the frames.

After that comes another piece of foil and then the leaves .

The filling goes as such in layers.

1/ Glutinous rice

2/ Mung bean

3/ Belly Pork

4/ Mung Bean

5/ Glutinous rice

The leaves get fold over

Then the foil

Whilst holding it all down the frame comes out and it’s tightened by the last layer of foil .

Then strings tied to keep it all together.

It will then be popped in a pot and hold down by something heavy and boiled for 5-6 hours.

The reason being is the longer it’s boiled the longer it keeps .

The ones you buy at the shop sometimes they cheat with the boiling process and the rice is hard as it’s not cooked properly .

Thus home made ones are still precious to receive at New Year’s time.