Usual New Year do at his sister’s . Yesterday was half meat and half vegetarian food. 

The meat ones were prawns and belly pork hot pot. Belly pork and egg casserole . Stuffed bitter melon soup. Cold and cured meats.

The vegetarian ones were vegetarian Canh chua or sour soup , stir fried mixed vegies , fried bean curd skin stuffed with mushrooms. Kind of like an omelette but vegetarian . Tofu meat loaf . Stir fried noodles.

Dessert was watermelon and mango. 

The food tends to change slightly depending on who’s cooking.

The fireworks viewing and photos comes before or after the meal depending on how late it is. 

Then after the meal the table would set up for the men to play cards.

The kids all have their own card game playing for coins . 

Tea would then be made with myriads of sweets and nuts brought out.

After the dishes are done the females would gather to gossip or karaoke.

Last night was not any different. I sat with his sisters and nieces. More so to hear about the family.

How one brother didn’t ring her this year to wish her a Happy New Year. They all think he’s hooked up with his ex which is bad news .

How her daughter in law have breast cancer and will undergo a double mastectomy.

How her niece got depression and tried to commit suicide.

Then came with what everyone is doing . All nieces and nephews of marriage ages are discussed. Is there going to be weddings in this coming year? How are they faring with their girl friends and boy friends. 

All their worries and hopes came out last night. Being such a big family there’s always something to talk about. And that doesn’t include his oldest brother’s family. 

I’m considered family yet I’m not family family . Being an outsider gossips I’m included in but when it comes to important family discussions I’m left out.

I feel like I’m the go between some days. I absorb all the information so that in turn I can go back home to tell hubby about his family . All the news .

We are supposed to go to his niece’s today but my parents are holding New Year so it’s my side .

Tomorrow we will go again to his side. His oldest brother is holding dinner this year. His oldest sister told us we had to go even though his brother haven’t said anything . Her idea was it’s New Year. Doesn’t matter if they invite or not you’d still go. Family is family. 

I’d better go shower so I can take the lamb over for the spit. Still got to make the tatziki sauce.

I want to come home to make the red bean soup for dessert tonight.