Managed to sneak down to my hidey hole last night . Brought my towels, an eski back and a bean bag that my youngest didn’t want. 

This afternoon on the way back we will bring back the insulation to go into the walls and other stuff. I think my plaster repairing thingy is still down here.

His brother just called I didn’t pick up. A certain brother I wish to have nothing to do with as he always asks for money .

Have since texted my manager to say I can’t work tomorrow as I’m volunteering . Much better way of spending my day even though I don’t get paid in monetary form I get paid in happiness.

Need to go grab brunch and may be a walk on the beach before we head back.

Tonight dinner will be at his brother’s which means I’d better check if I’ve got enough red packets left for the kids. 

Might have to go to the bank and withdraw more money. 

Other than that it’s a nice relaxing day.