Okie so it’s hubby’s year. Today is only the 4th and he’s already gotten told off by me and lost $99 in me going to buy a new timber top.

Guess even if he doesn’t believe in it he’ll have to now .

Last night his brother told his daughter in law who’s also a rooster to becareful don’t get into arguments or fights.

Anyhow on the 1st she was reversing the car and ummmm bumped into her cousin’s car. 

Becareful was the warning my Chinese deli lady said to me. Her English is not too good. I replied , bad luck.

All ready for school , bread, fruits, ham and salami for school lunches. 

I think hubby know now. He took me to lunch and was trying to make conversation at lunch. Which means I’m not only forgiven for spending his hard earn money but I was in the right 🤣

Lunch 😍 

Don’t mess with the designer 😂

The underside of it. It’s 2200mm long we only need 1750mm at the most.