When we moved here we only had one neighbour . He also lived on top of his business .

A few years back the unit across the laneway was auctioned off. We watched in anticipation with the locals. 

It went for $575,000 and we all thought why would someone buy a dingy unit for $575,000 ? Must be crazy? 

Well turned out they are not silly after all as a two bedrooms luxury apartment now goes for $800,000-900,000. If you want the shoe box type it’s slightly cheaper at $500,000-600,000.

The unit across the laneway. They’ve renovated it to be a town house now. 

The shoe box apartment block . Hubby have been in. He said there’s no room to swing a cat. Ummm why would you need to swing one in the first place ?

This new one is still being built . They are nearly done. The penthouse belongs to the person that sold us our building. He owns the whole apartment block.

I’m patiently waiting for Coles. The same guy sold his land to Coles. After many years of fighting with the locals they’ve finally got council approval .

Hopefully it will be built by Christmas. That way no more stocking up my pantry or fridge as the supermarket will just be at the next corner. 

The more the merrier hubby said to me . It also means a boost in foot traffic to our business . I’m not so sure. I don’t like crowds. 

One good thing, I’m sure looking forward to Coles moving in. No more taking the car out and driving around at odd hours if I’ve forgotten something . I can now just grab my back pack and go for a leisurely stroll to the next corner to buy my groceries .

How cool would that be? 😊