My eyes are droopy. Woke up at 2am this morning and took forever to get back to sleep. 

I’m due at work this afternoon . I’ve been working with another pharmacist thus she’s been doing the rounds which meant I’m stuck in the dispensary. 

The trick to it all being under control is as soon as the techs spits out scripts I check them. The externals get done first as it’s my responsibility then the internals for the round pharmacist . If I don’t get around to it she checks it. 

If I work steadily then when people present at the pharmacy I can attend to them without my balls all falling on the floor. 

Yesterday we had extra help which was good. One of the techs wanted me to hand out something and I replied. What do you want? External to go or patient ? I can only do one at a time.

In the end the patient came first plus I still had to sign out a drug of addiction for one of the external hospitals. 

It can get manic with only one person as you’re looking after a 400 beds hospital and another 5 off site rehab hospitals plus looking out for the patients front of shop as well.

I’m okie when working alone as I know what’s going on. When I’m with others I have no idea. Things get missed and well when they leave it’s me that is responsible when I’m not even the in charge.

Today I’m off to the city to grab donuts from the Vic markets . They are only opened Tuesday, Thursdays , Fridays and the weekends.

The donuts are from a van and if you go late be prepared for a disappointment as they are usually sold out by lunch.

I love mine with hot jam and coated with sugar. If I’m to be naughty might as well be a gut to the max. No point having one without the sugar. The best bit is licking any sugar still stuck to my lips afterwards.